A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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Great Guide 34
February 25 2007 Contributor: Paul Walker

I've lived in Saint Pierre De Chartreuse now for a couple of years with my French wife. The information on this site is absolutely great and much needed. We recently helped the Saint Pierre tourist office translate their tourist guide into English, would be a great idea to have this web site linked from the St Pierre tourist site.

The Webmaster writes:

Hello, Paul. I'm glad you like the site. If you would like to persuade the St. Pierre Tourist Office?

Message for J.Millman 33
February 02 2007 Contributor: Norman Clark

Lovely to hear that folks from Old Blighty are discovering this wonderful area of France. To my knowledge, I was the first 'ros beef' to settle around here (1999).

Let me know where your new house is and whether we can help out in any way. As Gite owners, we always recommend this excellent site to increasing numbers of English/American/Australian guests. Well done John!

Thanks! 32
October 27 2006 Contributor: J. Millham

Just bought a house in this beautiful area and this site will be a great help to find my way around the stunning countryside. Thankyou!

Thanks 31
October 10 2006 Contributor: Deborah Chalk

I came across your website whilst browsing Google for walking guides in Chartreuse. My husband and I will shortly be taking a holiday in Grenoble and this website has really helped us plan our holiday in advance.

Well done and many thanks

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