A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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Excellent Site 18
October 5 2004 Contributor: Thomas Dickman

Thank you for your excellent and informative site. I am an American planning to walk the length of the Alps next spring/summer/fall, starting in Nice. I plan to follow the GR4 in the spring when there is too much snow high up to allow a more direct northern route. Probably I will pass by way of Grenoble, and after seeing your site recommended by Franceonfoot, I have read your walking and summit descriptions. Beautiful. I would love to walk through this region, and will, if the snow is sufficiently melted by the time I get there (I will be starting in early April from Nice).

Three Fabulous Peaks! 17
September 23 2004 Contributor: Niki

A very genuine THANK YOU for providing THE guide to some of the best walking I've ever done!! We (Keyhole Caving Club) went to the Chartreuse to do some caving in the Dent de Crolles a couple of weeks back and my husband & I ended up doing far more walking than caving, inspired by your web site. Having done some of your suggested routes on Chamechaude, Grand Som, in the Cirque de St. Meme and finally the magical route on Mont Granier up via Grotte Balme a Colon and down via Pas des Barres, I can honestly say I'm hooked on this area.
I am now working harder than ever on conquering my fear of heights, which curiously doesn't affect me underground! Well done for providing such an excellent and accurate reference work, Niki

Wondeful Site 16
September 6 2004 Contributor: Susan Pierrot

I just wanted to say what a wonderful site that I feel was made just for me, as a Yorkshire lass living at the foot of the Chartreuse!

Last week I was in Grassington, wonderful walk & tomorrow going up near Mont Granier.

Excellent Website 15
June 9 2004 Contributor: Pam and Mal Schofield

Just an excellent website and justified coverage of a beautiful part of France. we live in Corenc - the southern gateway from Grenoble. We have yet to climb Grand Som but otherwise know the area well.

Well done

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