A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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Well Done 29
July 14 2006 Contributor: Simon

Thanks for such a well-put-together site.

It's a shame that the Chartreuse are so little known to English-speaking walkers.

I lived in the area for a number of years and discovered the walks thru getting to know locals (over the same time period).

Now everyone has the same opportunity, right off the web.

Beckford and the Grande Chartreuse 28
June 06 2006 Contributor: Dr Laurent Ch‚tel

I was most impressed by the quality of your website which served as a reminder to me of the lasting interest in the Grande Chartreuse well after the eighteenth century. I have just completed a hommage to Beckford's interest for the Desert: he influenced two British artists, John Robert Cozens and J.M.Turner, whose visual accounts of the Chartreuse aread are breathtaking.

May I suggest that you turn to Transversalit

Chartreuse - The Monks secret 27
March 20 2006 Contributor: Rachael

What an excellent site. I am British and have a house in Entremont Le Vieux. It's a wonderful unspoilt place which has very few English speaking locals. The roads etc have had lots of improvements recently & look forward to seeing more English people also enjoying this beautiful area.

Great Site! 26
September 28 2005 Contributor: Chris Holloway

Thank you what a great site! We will be in Grenoble in January and will be looking at doing some walking then.

I was in that area cycling 20 years ago and promised that I would go back, now I am!!!

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