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Thanks 30
September 12 2006 Contributor: Mike Hale

I have just returned from a caving and walking holiday in Chartreuse and I would like to pass on my thanks to you for providing such an excellent walking guide to the area. I was inspired by your electronic guide book to arrange the walking holiday which I have just combined with some traverses of the Dent De Crolles caves. I used your guide to find the cave entrances and on our other days we used your guide to visit the summits of many of the surrounding peaks. The descriptions of the routes and the details in your guide were all excellent and accurate. We had very little difficulty in following your routes up all the mountains we visited and the guide really made the holiday a great success. I felt that the routes were well thought out and engineered to combine an exciting way up the mountain with an interesting and simple way down.

I have one comment for you so that you could update your information. The traverse beneath the summit cliffs of the Dent de Crolles towards the Grotte Annette that you describe seems to have fallen into disuse in favour of a path 50m lower down the hillside. The lower path is a more logical route on the return and is less exposed than the upper one. It is now more worn and clearer to find but there is no security cable but does not need one and a cairn is developing at the start. The upper path is growing over and it is only the presence of the cable that gives confidence that one is on the correct path. The cable has become quite frayed at the far end belay. To return along the upper path requires keeping high on fading steps to find the correct level.

The best walk we did was Chamechaude via the Jardin. It was an excellent day out which we would never have thought of without your guide. It would have helped though if you had said in the introduction that it was a reverse helter skelter route up the mountain. I was constantly looking for a way up through the summit cliffs via gulleys and almost spoilt the enjoyment of the complete traverse by climbing up the fixed cables in the br

The Webmaster writes:

Hello, Mike. Thanks for the tip about the path round the nose of Dent de Crolles. Until I have had the opportunity to investigate myself, I have added your comments to the relevant pages.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the ascent of Chamechaude via the Jardin. and I'm sorry that you got confused by the description. In my defence, the first paragraph of the route description does include: "This walk basically climbs halfway up from the col de Porte, takes a rising traverse all the way around the mountain, and completes its ascent almost above where it started."

Well Done 29
July 14 2006 Contributor: Simon

Thanks for such a well-put-together site.

It's a shame that the Chartreuse are so little known to English-speaking walkers.

I lived in the area for a number of years and discovered the walks thru getting to know locals (over the same time period).

Now everyone has the same opportunity, right off the web.

Beckford and the Grande Chartreuse 28
June 06 2006 Contributor: Dr Laurent Ch‚tel

I was most impressed by the quality of your website which served as a reminder to me of the lasting interest in the Grande Chartreuse well after the eighteenth century. I have just completed a hommage to Beckford's interest for the Desert: he influenced two British artists, John Robert Cozens and J.M.Turner, whose visual accounts of the Chartreuse aread are breathtaking.

May I suggest that you turn to Transversalit

Chartreuse - The Monks secret 27
March 20 2006 Contributor: Rachael

What an excellent site. I am British and have a house in Entremont Le Vieux. It's a wonderful unspoilt place which has very few English speaking locals. The roads etc have had lots of improvements recently & look forward to seeing more English people also enjoying this beautiful area.

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