Printed from: on 21 Apr 2019
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A Walking Guide to Chartreuse

Col du Coq Road Closure

Following a landslide on the night of 10 December 2017 when a section of the road fell into the stream, the Col du Coq is currently inaccessible from the west (St Pierre de Chartreuse) side. It remains accessible from the east. The good news is that it is hoped that work will start on rebuilding the road in June 2019, and that it will be reopened later in the summer. See the April 2019 municipal newsletter for the latest information.

The closure obviously makes access to the start of the three walks starting from the col du Coq difficult if staying in or around St. Pierre de Chartreuse, although access is still available from Perquelin, which requires a longer day.

Further news will be provided when available from the municiple.