JavaScript and PHP Postcode Validation Routines Change Log

Version:       V1.0
Date:          18th November 2003
Description:   Used to check the validity of a UK postcode

Version:       V2.0
Date:          8th March 2005
Description:   BFPO postcodes implemented.
               The rules concerning which alphabetic characters are allowed in which part of the 
               postcode were more stringently implemented.
Version:       V3.0
Date:          8th August 2005
Description:   Support for Overseas Territories added                 
Version:       V3.1
Date:          23rd March 2008
Description:   Problem corrected whereby valid postcode not returned, and 'BD23 DX' was invalidly 
               treated as 'BD2 3DX' (thanks Peter Graves)        
Version:       V4.0
Date:          7th October 2009
Description:   Character 3 extended to allow 'pmnrvxy' characters (thanks to Jaco de Groot)  

Version:       V4.1
               8th September 2011
               Support for Anguilla overseas territory added    
Version:       V5.0
Date:          8th November 2012
               Specific support added for new BFPO postcodes