Photograph of meerstone 54 - Grassington Moor
Location NGR Inscription
This stone lies 200 m east of Meerstones 38, and 100 m just east of north of Meerstone 49. SE 02622 66824 I T
This is a 25 cm stone adjacent to Meerstone 50, and marks the north-west corner of John Tennant & Co.'s meer where it abuts against that of Elizabeth Shackleton's. These leases appear on Brailsford's 1781 survey. It is about 25 cm high, and roughly carved. Note that the letter I is often used for J on the stones. Tennant's leased four meers at this time, and three others of their stones have also been recorded as Meerstone 42, Meerstone 57, and Meerstone 59. The death of John Tenant is recorded in the Linton Parish register for 1792.