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Hebden Trial Level - The Story of a Yorkshire Dales Lead Mine

Hebden Mining Workers in 1881

The following is a list of those in Hebden who claimed to be be working in the mining industry in the 3rd April 1881 Census returns. It is in surname order.

Name Age Occupation Address Place of Birth
William Baines 16 Lead ore dresser Brook Row Hebden
Joseph Baines 23 Lead miner Hebden
Miles Marry Baines 25 Lead ore smelter Hebden
Richard Baines 31 Lead miner Hebden
Miles Baines 49 Lead miner Brook Row Hebden
Richard Baines 57 Lead miner Green Terrace Hebden
Henry Baines 63 Lead miner Hebden
Mark Stock Belt 40 Lead miner (unemployed) Brook Row Skirethorne
Joseph Birch 27 Lead miner Hebden
Thomas Birch 44 Lead miner Brook Row Hebden
Robert Birch 52 Lead miner Green Terrace Hebden
Henry Birch 54 Lead miner Town Hill Hartlington
Thomas Brown 43 Lead miner Green Terrace Hebden
John Hammond 57 Lead miner Brook Row Hebden
Robert Hargraves 31 Lead miner Green Terrace Hebden
Francis Hargraves 44 Lead smelter Town Hill Hebden
James Hebden 15 Lead ore dresser Hebden Hall Buckden
William Hebden 28 Lead miner Hebden Hall Hebden
Robert Hebden 55 Lead miner Hebden Hall Grassington
Nicholas Hill 15 Mining Agent (assistant) Green Terrace Haydon Bridge, Northumberland
William Hill 20 Lead miner Brook Row Braithwaite, Cumberland
William Hill 55 Mining agent Green Terrace St. Just, Cornwall
John Longthorne 47 Lead miner (unemployed) Town Hill Greenhow Hill
Petty Nixon 34 Lead ore smelter Hebden
William Rodgers 34 Lead miner (unemployed) Edge House Grassington
Joseph Rodwell 24 Lead miner Brook Row Hebden
William Rodwell 33 Lead miner Brook Row Hebden
Joseph Rodwell 38 Lead ore dresser Town Hill Hebden
Richard Rodwell 44 Lead miner (unemployed) Hebden
William Rowe 28 Lead miner Town Hill Caldbeck, Cumberland
George Stobbs 36 Lead miner Green Terrace Bewerley, Yorkshire
George Townson 43 Lead miner Hole Bottom Hebden
Robert Waddilove 23 Lead miner Green Terrace Hebden
Edward Waddilove 55 Lead miner (unemployed) Green Terrace Hebden
Joseph Worsley 32 Lead miner Green Terrace Hebden
Thomas Worsley 58 Lead ore smelter Hebden


Lead Ore Dresser: Lead ore dressers separated and prepared the galena from the bouse (the original raw material brought to the surface) in preparation for the smelting process. The output was small pellets of galena. This role was normally taken by young boys, women, and older men.

Lead Ore Smelter: Lead ore smelters worked in the smelting mills where the galena was heated to a temperature of about 700ºC, which allowed the lead to melt and run off to be collected. Extremely noxious fumes were given off during the process.

Brook Row: Now known as Brook Street.