Hebden Parish Historical Data

Hebden School Head Teachers

This is a list of the known head teachers at Hebden school. When both the Year From and the Year to fields are provided, it is known that those were the start and end years. When just the Year From field is provided, then it is only known who the head teacher was for that year.

Year From Year to Teacher Notes
1874 1876 ?
1877 1901 William John Mason (1854-1943). Left to become head master of Burnsall School
1902 1905 Fred Senior (1853-1926). Came from Cracoe school
1906 1915 Miss Jane Dawson (1848-1929). Lived at High Dene
1916 Miss Gill Salary £90 per annum
1922 Miss Mary G. Bentham
1927 Miss Alice Elizabeth Nettleton (1886-1980). Married Richard Edgar Stockdale 1929
1939 Miss Edith A Smith (1889-1964). Married James T Sunderland 1941
1946? 1948? Miss Cole Start and end dates not known
1950 1983 Miss Gwen Parker (1923-2013). Married Albert Hawkins 1953