Hebden Census 1841 to 1911 - Populations

The following chart shows the population of Hebden as of each census between 1841 and 1911 inclusive.

Hebden Census 1841 to 1911 - Percentage of population surviving beyond their teens.

The following charts shows the percentage of the population surviving beyond their teens as indicated by the Hebden census data 1841 to 1911 inclusive. It is likely that these figures were distorted by the sudden decrease in population in the late 1880s when the mining and textile industries declined, and younger families probably moved away in search of other employment.

Hebden Census 1851 to 1911 - Industries

In the early nineteenth century the textile mill at the bottom of the village provided most employment. This changed as lead mining flourished on Grassington Moor and Hebden became a dormitory village for the miners. Both these industries then collapsed in the late nineteenth century. It is interesting to note that the number of people in agriculture has remained fairly consistent. Figures from the 1841 census have not been included, as the employment was not recorded for most people.