Hebden Parish Historical Data

Hebden Electorates

An old postcard of the crossroads in Hebden.

Hebden Electors in 1832

This is a list of the Hebden electorate in 1832. This would have been before the effects of the 1832 Reform Act, and the franchise was limited to male freeholders aged at least 21 whose lands were worth more than forty shillings. One did not have to live in the township to qualify, and people living in Hebden with freeholds elsewhere were able to vote there. The last column gives the qualification for that person's vote, and is headed in the original document as:

"Street, Lane, or other like Place in this Township, and Number of House (if any), where the Property is situate, or Name of the Property, if known by any, or Name of the occupying Tenant"

No. Name Place of abode Nature of Qualification. Qualification address‡ 
12907 Brown, Charles Esq. Chapel Town, Leeds Freehold Estate Hebden
12908 Bowdin, Daniel Hebden Freehold House Hebden
12909 Bramley, Walter Hebden Freehold Estate Hebden
12910 Birch, Thomas Hebden Freehold House Hebden
12911 Hardacre, Ralph Hebden Freehold Land Hebden
12912 Hardacre, William Hebden Freehold Estate Hebden
12913 Lupton, William Hebden Freehold Estate Hebden
12914 Lupton, John Hebden Freehold Estate Hebden
12915 Mallorie, William Dunkeswick Freehold Estate Hebden
12916 Tennant, John Hebden Freehold Estate Hebden
12917 Wadililove William Hebden Freehold Estate Hebden

Hebden Electors in 1837

This is a list of the Hebden electorate in 1837. This This election came after the 1832 Reform Act which extended the franchise in county boroughs to include wealthier male tenants, and although the electorate has doubled, it is a small percentage of the adult population. One did not have to live in the township to qualify, and people living in Hebden with freeholds elsewhere were able to vote there.

The meaning of the qualification code is not known.

Name Place of abode Nature of Qualification.
Brown, Thos. Skipton 3
Bailey, Thos. Ives, Drighlington
Bowden, Daniel Hebden 1,2
Bramley, Walter Hebden 3
Constantine, John Hebden
Hardacre, Ralph Hebden 1,2
Hardacre, Wm. Hebden 1,2
Hardacre, Thos. Hebden 1,2
Hudson, James Hebden 1,2
Joy, Thos. Hebden 1,2
Lupton, Wm Hebden 1,2
Lupton, John Hebden 1,2
Lupton, Thos. Hebden
Mallorie, Wm. Dunkeswick
Stockdale, Wm. Skipton 3
Tenant, John Hebden 1,2
Waddilove, Wm. sen Hebden 1,2
Waddi1ove, Wm. jnr. Hebden 1,2
Whalley, Joshua Keighley 3
Wensley, Robert Hebden 1,2
Whitacre, Robert Hebden 1,2
Walker, Richard Hebden 1,2

Hebden Electors in 1869

This is a list of the Hebden electorate in 1869 entitled to vote. 1869 was when the effects of the 1867 Reform Act came to fruition, and franchise was based on males owning a freehold in the township, or renting a property worth more than a certain amount. The last column gives the qualification for that person's vote, and is headed in the original document as:

"Street, Lane, or other like Place in this Township, and Number of House (if any), where the Property is situate, or Name of the Property, if known by any, or Name of the occupying Tenant; or if the qualification consists of a Rent-charge, then the names of the Owners of the Property out of which such Rent is issuing, or some of them, and the situation of the Property."

No. Name Place of abode Nature of Qualification. Qualification address‡ 
9042 Bailey, Henry Saint Augustine, Canterbury Freehold House and Land Hebden
9043 Bailey, Ives Henry North Leverton, near Retford, Notts Freehold Land Hebden
9044 Bowdin, Ralph Hebden, near Grassington Occupier of House and Land at £50 per annum High street
9045 Cundall, Edward Hebden mill, near Grassington Moiety of Freehold Mill and Land Hebden Corn Mill
9046 Cundall, John Dinsdale Hebden mill, near Grassington Moiety of Freehold Mill and Land Hebden Corn Mill
9047 Hammond, Francis Hebden, near Grassington Farm as occupier Hebden
9048 Hardacre, Ellis Hebden Farm as joint occupier Hebden
9049 Hardacre, Thomas 77, Lovat street, Edge hill, Liverpool Farm as joint occupier Hebden
9050 Hartley, Thomas R. Hebden Bank top, Hebden, near Grassington Farm as occupier Hebden bank
9051 Herd, John Armistead Hebden, Skipton Farm as occupier Hebden
9052 Hodgson, James Hebden, Skipton Farm as occupier Hebden
9053 Hudson, George Bank top, Hebden Farm as occupier Bank top
Le.* Hurtley, Thomas Mannsfold, Holbeck, Leeds Freehold Inn and Cottages Hebden
9054 Joy, George Grassington Freehold Land Coppergill
9055 Lambert, George Holmes Hebden, near Skipton Farm as occupier Hebden
9056 Metcalf, James Hebden, near Grassington Farm as occupier Hebden
P.B.* Rogers, Pateley Bridge Owner of Freehold House and Garden Hebden
9057 Skaife, Robert North street, Keighley Share of Freehold Land and Buildings Knowles
9058 Stockdale, Joseph Constantine St. Domingo road, Liverpool Freehold Land Sowerlancls
9059 Stockdale, Thomas Rain Lands, near Hebden Occupier of a Farm at £50 per annum Rain Lands farm, near Hebden
9060 Stockdale, Thomas, junior Rain Lands, near Hebden Farm as joint occupier Rain Lands, near Hebden
Sk.* Stockdale, William Skipton Freehold Estate Hebden
9061 Wensley, Robert Hebden, near Grassington Freehold Houses Hebden
9062 Whalley, William Rilston Freehold Land Scarr Top, Knows, etc.
9063 White, George Hartlington Rakes,near Grassington Freehold Land Hebden Moor Allotment

Hebden Electors in 1930

This is a list of the Hebden electorate in 1930 entitled to vote in Parliamentary and Local elections, in force from 15th October, 1930 to 14th October, 1931. The nature of the qualification of an elector is shewn in the final two columns, as follows:

Men Qualification Women Qualification
R - Residence Rw - Residence
B - Business premises Bw - Business premises
O - Occupation Ow - Occupation
D - Wife's occupation Dw - Husband's occupation
No. Name (‡ moved, ‡ died) Residence Parl. Local
792 Ackroyd, Clara Hebden Rw Dw
793 Ackroyd, Joseph Hebden R O
794 Anderson, Martha Alice Chapel Lane Rw Dw
795 Anderson, Robert Chapel Lane R O
796 Atkinson, Louise Chapel Lane Rw Ow
797 Atkinson, Mary Chapel Lane Rw Ow
798 Atkinson, Fred Moor Side R O
799 Atkinson, Mary Moor Side Rw Dw
800 Barker, Exley, Chapel Lane R O
801 Barker, Mary Ana Chapel Lane Rw Dw
802 Beaumont, Benjamin  ‡‡  Brook Row R O
803 Beaumont, Fred Brook Row R
804 Beaumont, Jennie Brook Street Rw
805 Bell, Amy Hebden Mill Rw Dw
806 Bell, Matthew Hebden Mill R O
807 Bell, Thomas Chapel Lane R O
808 Bell, Doris Chapel Lane Rw Dw
809 Birch, Wallace South View R
810 Bowdin, Alice Mary Flatts Farm Rw Dw
811 Bowdin, Daniel Hebden R O
812 Bowdin, Doris Knowles Farm Rw Dw
813 Bowdin, Fred Town Hill R O
814 Bowdin, Henry, junr. Flatts Farm R O
815 Bowdin, Henry, senr Bank Top R O
816 Bowdin, Monica Hebden Rw Dw
817 Bowdin, Mary Elizabeth Town Hill Rw Dw
818 Bowdin, Ralph Knowles Farm R O
819 Braim, Eliza Clarendon Inn Rw
820 Braim, Emily  ‡‡  Clarendon Inn Rw
821 Braim, Lucy Braemoor Rw
822 Braim, Sarah Jane Braemoor Rw
823 Busfield, Andrew Chapel Lane R O
824 Busfield, Lily Chapel Lane Rw Dw
825 Curtis, Matthew Henry Brook Row R O
826 Curtis, Susannah Brook Street Rw Dw
827 Daggett, Alice Thursgill Rw Ow
828 Daggett, Aaron Wilson Allotment
(Abode—North Cote, Kilnsey, Skipton)
829 Dawson, Violet High Dene Rw
830 Fawcett, Barbara Hebden Mill Rw Ow
831 Fletcher, Martha Brook Street Rw Ow
832 Fletcher, Sarah Brook Street Rw
833 Fothergill, Francis Ernest Moor Allotment
(Abode—High Cross, Grassington)
834 Hammond, Thomas Francis Moor Allotment
(Abode—High Cross, Grassington)
835 Hargraves, Clarice Hebden Rw Dw
836 Hargreaves, Ellen Moor View Rw Ow
837 Hargreaves, Joseph Hebden R O
838 Hargreaves, Mary Alice Rose Bank Rw Dw
839 Hargreaves, Thomas Rose Bank R O
840 Hargreaves, Jane Moor View Rw
841 Hawkin, Richard Brook Street R O
842 Hawkin, Beatrice Brook Street Rw Dw
843 Herd, Janie Saxelby House Rw Ow
844 Herd, Granville Saxelby House R
845 Herd, John Armitstead Lupton Saxelby House R O
846 Herd, Margaret Saxelby Cottage Rw Dw
847 Herd, Florence Blanche Saxelby House Rw
848 Herd, Stephen Kitching Saxelby House R
849 Herd, Sybil Mabel Saxelby House Rw
850 Horner, Richard Bridge House R O
851 Horner, Sarah Bridge House Rw Dw
852 Hudson, Bertha Green Terrace Rw
853 Hudson, Edith Green Terrace Rw
854 Hudson, Eliza Green Terrace Rw Ow
855 Hudson, Ernest Hebden Mill R O
856 Hudson, Ethel Maud Hebden Mill Rw Ow
857 Hudson, Frank Green Terrace R O
858 Hudson, Hannah Maria Green Terrace Rw Dw
859 Hustler, Annie The Guest House Rw
860 Joy, Ada Rose Bank Rw Dw
861 Joy, Anthony Holebottom R O
862 Joy, Elizabeth Chapel Lane Rw Ow
863 Joy, George Rose Bank R O
864 Joy, Mary Hebden Rw Ow
865 Joy, Walter Rose Bank R
866 Kitching, Martha Hebden Rw Dw
867 Kitching, Frank School House Farm R O
868 Knowles, Hannah  ‡  Angle House Rw
869 Longthorne, Annie Pickering End Rw Dw
870 Longthorne, Maud Rose Bank Rw Dw
871 Longthorne, Fred Town Hill R O
872 Longthorne, Herbert Brook Street R O
873 Longthorne, Mary Ellen Hebden Rw Dw
874 Longthorne, Samuel Rose Bank R O
875 Longthorne, Thomas Walter Pickering End R O
876 Longthorne, Thomas Hebden R O
877 Longthorne, Lily Town Hill Rw Ow
878 Longthorne, Hannah Brook Street Rw Dw
879 Mallinson, Annie Elizabeth  ‡‡  Hebden Rw
880 Marr, Mary Craigman Rw Ow
881 Marsden, Elizabeth Brook Street Rw Dw
882 Marsden, Reginald Brook Street R O
883 Metcalfe, Ann Hebden Hall Rw
884 Metcalfe, Edwin Land at Hebden
(Abode—Holesbeck, Hartlington)
885 Metcalfe, Jeremiah Hebden Hall R O
886 Metcalfe, Matthew Land at Hebden
(Abode—Holesbeck, Hartlington
887 Metcalfe, Simon Hebden Hall R
888 Milledge, May Helena Brook Row Rw Dw
889 Milledge, Walter  ‡‡  Brook Row R O
890 Moore, Margaret Elizabeth Laburnum Cottage Rw Dw
891 Moore, Mary Alice Moor View Rw Ow
892 Moore, Mary Ellen Hebden Mill Rw Dw
893 Moore, Thomas Hebden Mill R O
894 Moore, Thomas, junr. Laburnum Cottage R
895 Moore, Kitty Croft Cottage Rw Dw
896 Moore, William, junr. Croft Cottage R O
897 Moore, Elizabeth Hebden Mill Rw
898 Moore, Isabella Town Hill Rw
899 Moore, William, senr. Town Hill R O
900 Newcombe, Nora The Green House Rw
901 Perks, Alice Lydia The Green House Rw Dw
902 Perks, Thomas Probert The Green House R O
903 Pickles, Elsie  ‡‡  Chapel Lane Rw Ow
904 Rodwell, Mary Croft House Rw
905 Richard George Henry Claringbold Croft House R O
906 Richards, Jessie Chapel Lane Rw Dw
907 Sayer, Annie Hebden Mill Rw Dw
908 Sayer, Joseph Christopher Hebden Mill R O
909 Sedgwick, Susannah Knowles Farm Rw
910 Shaw, Arthur Brook Street R
911 Shaw, Blanche Brook Street Rw
912 Shaw, George Hillam Foster Brook Street R O
913 Simpson, Ingham Clarendon Hotel R
914 Simpson, Laura Ann Clarendon Hotel Rw Dw
915 Simpson, Laura Ann, junr. Clarendon Inn Rw
916 Simpson, Sarah Ellen Moor View Rw Dw
917 Simpson, Thomas Harrison Clarendon Inn R
918 Simpson, William, senr. Clarendon Hotel R O
919 Simpson, William, junr. Clarendon Inn R
920 Spencer, Doris Mary Brook Street Rw
921 Spencer, Esther Brook Street Rw Ow
922 Stobbs, Albert Chapel Lane R O
923 Stobbs, Alice Chapel Lane Rw Dw
924 Stobbs, Edith Hebden Rw
925 Stobbs, Frank Chapel Lane R
926 Stobbs, George Hebden R O
927 Stobbs, Kathleen. Chapel Lane Rw
928 Stobbs, Marjorie Frances Chapel Lane Rw
929 Stockdale, Alice Elizabeth Ranelands Rw Dw
930 Stockdale, Annie Elizabeth Belmont House Rw Ow
931 Stockdale, Arthur Hebden
(Abode, 46 Gledhow Wood Grove, Leeds)
932 Stockdale, Clara Manor House Rw Dw
933 Stockdale, Elizabeth Belmont House Rw
934 Stockdale, Jeremiah Manor House R O
935 Stockdale, Marianne Craigmar Rw Dw
936 Stockdale, Richard Rainlands R O
937 Stockdale, Thomas Craigmar R O
938 Tattersall, Annie Martha Green Terrace Rw Ow
939 Tattersall, Jane Annie Thorsgill Rw Dw
940 Tattersall, Mary Green Terrace Rw
941 Tattersall, Thomas Francis Hammond Thorsghyll R O
942 Tattersall, Francis Lister Thorsgill R
943 Towlerton, Chara Town Hill Rw Dw
944 Towlerton, George William Town Hill R O
945 Towlerton, Gertrude Brook Street Rw Dw
916 Towlerton, Hereford Scatchard Brook Street R O
947 Towlerton, Kitty Town Hill Rw
948 Waddilove, Alice Mary Crag View Rw Dw
949 Waddilove, Florrie Green Terrace Rw Ow
950 Waddilove, Joseph Crag View R O
951 Waddilove, Mary, senr. Green Terrace Rw Ow
952 Waddilove, Mary Holmes Town Hill Rw Ow
953 Waddilove, Robert - Green Terrace R
954 Waddilove, Thomas Francis Green Terrace R D
955 Waddilove, Wilfred William Hebden R O
956 Waddington, Thomas Hebden Mill R O
957 Wade, Edna  ‡  Hebden Hall Rw
958 Walker, Hilda Annetta Chapel Lane Rw Ow
959 Wallace, Thomas Richard Land at Hebden
(Abode, Dibbles Bridge, Hebden, Skipton)
960 Weatherhead, Eliza Ann Town Hill Rw Ow
961 Webster, Elizabeth Hebden Rw Dw
962 Webster, James Hebden R O
963 Whitaker, Clara Lone House Rw Ow
964 Whitaker, John Lone House R O
965 White, Thomas Hebden
(Abode, Raikes, Hartlington, Skipton)
966 Whitehead, Arthur Town Hill R O
967 Whitehead, Lizzie Town Hill Rw Dw
968 Whitehead, Mary Ann Coppergill Rw Dw
969 Whitehead, Eddy Moor View B O
970 Whitehead, William Coppergill R O
971 Willis, Miranda Dene Crest Rw Dw
972 Willis, Stanley Albert Dene Crest R O
973 Wilson, Joseph Brook Street R O
974 Wilson, Molly Brook Street Rw Dw
975 Wood, George Brook Street R O
976 Wood, Mary Hannah Green Terrace Rw
977 Wood, Sarah Jane Brook Street Rw Dw
978 Wood, Winifred Evelyn Mary Brook Street Rw
979 Worsley, Joseph Howard Garnshaw Farm R
980 Worsley, Philip Orlando Garnshaw Farm R
981 Worsley, Betsy Garnshaw Rw Dw
982 Worsley, Minnie Jane High Garnshaw Rw Dw
983 Worsley, Nixon Garnshaw R O
984 Worsley, Sarah Jane Moor View Rw
985 Worsley, Thomas Stockdale High Garnshaw R O