A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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Website Enhancements 98
July 29 2011 Contributor: Webmaster

The Webmaster writes:

This is just to say that the site has recently undergone a major update.

1. A new route has been added to the Grande Sure (Rocher de Lorzier - strongly recommended).

2. The route up Charmant Som from la Diat has been modified so that the descent now follows the path below the cliffs of the Arête de Bérard - an improvement.

3. More photographs have been added, and most are now displayed with a width of 600 pixels, rather than 500 pixels.

4. Many minor modifications have been made.

The PDF files have also been updated.

La chartreuse 92
March 29 2011 Contributor: Pam & Mal Schofield

We have a home in Corenc La providence and visit regularly in all seasons. The Chartreuse is our back garden and such a delight when the weather allows. For the days when the cloud is all around you, descent into the valley provides a range of experiences from the Trieves in the south to the canal linking the Rhone and Lac Bourget in the north.This beautiful website does justice to this wonderland of nature.

The Webmaster writes:

Thank you for your kind words. You are indeed very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Time for One Hike 91
March 28 2011 Contributor: Mike from Denver, Colorado

This may seem like a silly question but I will be driving through the Massif de la Chartreuse heading towards Geneva airport in July of this year. I will have time for one hike that can last a couple hours. I would like to take one where the scenery will make you go "wow". Which one would you suggest?

The Webmaster writes:

It's not a silly question at all!

Be warned that Chartreuse is not that an easy place to drive into and out of, so do allow yourself a bit of time for the drive. But I suggest that you drive through the massif from south to north, from Voreppe to Chambery. This will allow you to travel through the spectacular Guiers Mort Gorge, through the village of St. Pierre de Chartreuse, and from there to St. Pierre d'Entremont. Here you can go east into the Cirque de St. Meme, which is a beautiful location. There is a wonderful hike past some splendid waterfalls, and if you have time, you can visit the springs from which the river issues and the entrance to the Guiers Vif cave.

A brief description of the location may be found at: http://www.braemoor.co.uk/chartreuse/aulpduseuil/aulpduseuil.shtml.

A description of the route (with photos) may be found at: http://www.braemoor.co.uk/chartreuse/aulpduseuil/habertdame.shtml.

Note the latter route goes on to visit the tops, whereas you would return down an easy track having visited the waterfalls.

From St. Pierre d'Entremont, continue your drive to the north past the magnificent northern face of Mont Granier (http://www.braemoor.co.uk/chartreuse/photos/graniercliffs.shtml) and down into Chambery. You can pick up the autoroute to Geneva.

I hope this helps.

A Day Walk in the Chartreuse 79
June 27 2010 Contributor: Marijn Dekker

I'm going on a holiday top the Chartreuse this summer, and this site has been a great help so far, so first of all, thank you very much for hosting it.
During the holiday, we would like to make a day walk. My first choice woud be the ascent of the Chamechaude via Le Jardin. However, I'm getting the impression from the description that the walk is quite difficult and a bit dangerous, since we are in good health, and quite agile, but not very experienced walkers. So I picked the ascent of the Grande Sure via the West Chimney and the ascent of the Grand Som from les Reyes. Which of these tours would you say is the nicest, but not too difficult?

Thank you very much,

Marijn Dekker,
The Netherlands

The Webmaster writes:

Thank you for your message. Both the walks require a little scrambling (only about four metres high, but quite steep), so you need to be prepared for that, and you should also make sure that you go round the way I recommend (i.e. UP the climbs). Chamechaude via the Jardin isn't dangerous - but there is a 200 metre section of path with a steep drop on the right, so you should have a reasonable head for heights. The path is quite wide, and there is no objective danger.

If you are agile, and can cope with heights, then you would enjoy both trips, but I would probably recommend the Jardin route as being the most fun. I suggest that you take a copy of my route description with you, to avoid any navigation difficulties.

Have a great holiday.

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