A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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Thanks 22
May 20 2005 Contributor: Nick Heap

We have just found your excellent guide to walks in the Chartreuse. Thanks for putting the effort in.

Impressive! 21
March 9 2005 Contributor: Alan Drake

Very impressive web site. Brought back some great memories. Have you thought about doing one for the Vercours?

Congratulations! 20
December 17 2004 Contributor: Philippe Locatelli

I am a Frenchman living in England (only for the last 15 years !) My mother grew up in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, my father grew up in Saint Laurent du Pont. My dad spent his youth as a luumberjack in the range, and my grand father built quite a few of these lovely mountain houses...

I have recently acquired the family house (build by my dad ) in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, as I could not come to term with cutting the ombilical cord with France in general and the mountain in particular.

I know the area pretty well for having spent most of my holidays there when I was young and I walked a lot of path myself. But your knowledge and description of the massif is very impressive!

I have to rent the house, both in winter and summer as I need to finance this venture. I am pleased and proud to introduce my english friends and aquintances to the area. With your permission, I have a link from my web site to yours.

Web Site Enhancements 19
October 27 2004 Contributor: Webmaster

Major updates were made to the site between August and October 2004. These included the addition of five new walks, a section devoted to la Grande Sure, and a number of photographs.

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