A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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Great Site! 26
September 28 2005 Contributor: Chris Holloway

Thank you what a great site! We will be in Grenoble in January and will be looking at doing some walking then.

I was in that area cycling 20 years ago and promised that I would go back, now I am!!!

Excellent 25
August 28 2005 Contributor: Keith Bracey

Excellent! I walked up Mont Granier during August following your route la Grotte Balme

Your Walks 24
July 12 2005 Contributor: Rachel Reid

What a great website! I and my family plan to visit the chartreuse this summer, staying near st Pierre d'Entremont, and will cetainly try some of your walks. Thanks for the hints and tips!

Chateau Montfort 23
July 07 2005 Contributor: David George

A friend sent me a link to your website and it was nice to see so much great information about the Chartreuse mountains where I live. Check out the Chateau Montfort which you should visit next time you are over. It is the remains of a whole string of castles - 10 in all - that used to protect the border with the Savoie.

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