A Walking Guide to the Massif de la Chartreuse

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On foot and awheel 70
April 9 2009 Contributor: Brian Greenwood

We will be visiting La Chartreuse in June. We will spend some time walking and cycling in the massif before watching the Dauphine Libre cycle race and moving on to ride L'Ardechoise cyclosportive.
You have provided all the information we need for our walks but any advice on cycling routes would be of value.

The Webmaster writes:

I'm not a cyclist, so I can't really help from personal experience. Obviously there are fine relatively gentle routes within the massif, but there is also hard man's cycling in the area such as found at: http://www.grenoblecycling.com/the-Chartreuse.htm.

I hope that you have a wonderful time in Chartreuse.

Summer 2009 69
February 16 2009 Contributor: Lance Coleman

What a great, informative and well written site. I've been looking all day at potential walking areas in Switzerland, Italy and France and have now been convinced that The Chartreuse is the place I'll be spending a week this summer! I can't wait to explore the area myself.

Many Thanks,

Living in the Chartreuse 68
January 29 2009 Contributor: Catherine Dixon

We've been living in the Chartreuse now for 20 months in the village of St Etienne de Crossey and waking up to the view of the Grand Sure every morning. It's a beautiful and wonderful place and in the coming years we hope to share its secrets and invite cyclists and walkers to stay here with us.

Well done on providing such an informative guide.

The Webmaster writes:

Thanks for your kind comments. You are very fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place, and I wish you well in your endeavours to share it.

Watched 'Into The Silence' 67
October 30 2008 Contributor: Susan Somerville-Franz

What an stunning, beautiful place. It was so interesting and informative to learn about this place and those that have made their lives here. I enjoyed the movie so very much.

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