The Braemoor Server

Take care - here be devils

This web server hosts the following six websites:

A Walking Guide to Chartreuse Chartreuse is a beautiful area of France which is ill-served by walking guides, and this site is intended to help remedy that gap. 37 walks are currently described. Notes on the region are also included.
Caving Routes in the Yorkshire Dales This section contains a series of articles intended for the guidance of experienced cavers who may not be familiar with the better routes through the more complex systems in the Yorkshire Dales. It is hoped that these articles will help fill that gap. Some additional caving articles are also published in these pages.
Caving in the Réseau de la Dent de Crolles The Dent de Crolles cave system in Chartreuse provides perfect holiday caving, with a large number of classic through trips and round trips available of varying degrees of difficulty, as well as scope for more challenging expedition-style caving. This website is intended to be the first port of call for potential visitors.
Meer stones of Grassington Moor When lead mining on Grassington Moor in North Yorkshire became more intensive in the early 18th Century, miners were granted mining rights on areas of land on the mineral veins, called meers. To help mark out the extremities of the leases, stones were set in the ground. This website records some of those which are still to be found on the moor.
Hebden Horse Level When the output from the lead mines in the north of Hebden parish in North Yorkshire plummeted in the 1870s an ambitious project was initiated to intercept the veins at a lower level by digging a level from the centre of the village for 2.39 km. The veins were intercepted 15 years later and found to be barren. This website documents the project.
Hebden Village Historical Data website This website contains a transcript of the Hebden censuses from 1841 to 1911; the 1939 Hebden Register; details of those from the village who served and died in the World Wars; data from the Hebden Moor Mining Company lead mines; and details of those commemorated in the two village cemeteries. It also has a set of historical photographs depicting various aspects of the village.
Free web development software The author has developed a number of tools and validation routines during his 20 or so years of web development, and he is pleased to make these available on an as seen basis. The software tools include a site map generator, a link checker, and an image mapper; the validation routines includes VAT numbers, credit cards, postcodes, and telephone numbers.